Commit 9905896f authored by Hou Junjie's avatar Hou Junjie 🐣

ci: build by buildah

parent b41af017
......@@ -13,12 +13,12 @@ ARGS += --build-arg GRPC_HEALTH_PROBE_VERSION=$(GRPC_HEALTH_PROBE_VERSION)
$(BUILDERS): %: builders/%
DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 docker build $(ARGS) -t ${DOCKER_REG}/$@ $< --network=host
buildah bud $(ARGS) -t ${DOCKER_REG}/$@ $<
$(PUSH_BUILDERS): push-%: %
docker push $(DOCKER_REG)/$<
docker tag $(DOCKER_REG)/$< $(DOCKER_REG)/$<:$(VERSION)
docker push $(DOCKER_REG)/$<:$(VERSION)
buildah push $(DOCKER_REG)/$<
buildah tag $(DOCKER_REG)/$< $(DOCKER_REG)/$<:$(VERSION)
buildah push $(DOCKER_REG)/$<:$(VERSION)
builders: $(BUILDERS)
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